Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Cushing's Alerts for 2008!

Herding Zebras: From a doctor with a chronic disease and Cushing's
By Robin
I don't think at this stage of the game the Cushing's will come back but there are those aftereffects. The panhypopituitarism, low growth hormone, adrenal insufficiency followed by the removal of one of those low-functioning adrenals. ...
Herding Zebras -

Blonde no more - hello foxy brown » My Battle With Cushing’s Syndrome
30 December 2008 By Kristin 0 In Cushing's Recovery, Photos of My Journey. Well Internet, I’ve done it again. Good-bye blondie, hello foxy brown :> My mantra has always been change is good for the soul. It keeps life interesting. ...
My Battle With Cushing's Syndrome -

Herding Zebras: Low Vitamin D levels in Type 1 Diabetes
By Robin
Many of us who face Cushing's know what happens to our vitamin D levels. They drop and we experience the problems caused by the low levels. Many of us fight a lowered immune system and low calcium because of it. ...
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Cushing's & Cancer: My Life With Cushing's Disease
By MaryO
Because I had very little support for my symptoms, diagnosis and surgery, I decided to try to make things a little better for other patients and started a support site called Cushing's Help and Support in 2000. ...
Cushing's & Cancer -

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