Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cushing's Alerts 2/24/2009

Medical PBL: 3rd Year Short Cases 3rd posting
By ~YM~
Endocrine: Cushing's, Diabetic foot, Hyperthyroidism Others:Rheumatoid, Scleroderma, Thalassaemia, For my scleroderma case, the q was like " Look at the patient and describe what you see." Oh ya, please recognise Raynaud's! ...
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Cushing's Family
By judycolby
Pituitary Patient Symposium at Swedish Medical Center May 9 - Download now or preview on posterous *2009 Patient Pituitary Conference - Roadmap to the World of Cushing's Syndrome.pdf* (542 KB) I wanted to let you k... 3 hours ago ...
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Cushie Blogger: Pituitary Patient Symposium "A Road Map to the ...
By MaryO
The second annual pituitary patient symposium title is "A Road Map to the World of Cushing's Syndrome" and will be held at Swedish Medical Center's Cherry Hill campus in Seattle, WA. We have eight faculty from around the country (1 ...
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Herding Zebras: Part 2: Pituitary Patient Symposium at Swedish
By MaryO
Cushing's disease is a form of Cushing's syndrome, caused by a hormone-secreting pituitary tumor. About 10 percent of clinically significant pituitary tumors secrete this excess hormone. This elevated hormone level in turn stimulates ...
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