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Cushing's Family
By judycolby
At the request of many friends, Cushing's allies, and far away family members, I'm posting some photos of me pregnant with my little peanut pu... 6 months ago. There must be some fun in the middle of chaos - I take photos ...
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melonmonster: i need to stop ordering scrubs. i
By ali
... similarities between animal and human medicine... for example: cushing's and addison's disease. cushing's disease is an overproduction of cortisol. you have a "buffalo hump" (or cushion, easy way to remember cushing's) on your back, ...
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Knitting Sweaters & Sitting Still: Silas
By Steven
An ultrasound confirmed that he had a rather large and seemingly fast-growing tumor on one of his adrenal glands that was also impinging on his aorta and causing symptoms of Cushing's syndrome. Although usually treatable, the form that ...
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Beth's Blog: 6 Warnings You Should Not Ignore
By Beth
But when they're reddish purple, they can be a symptom of Cushing's syndrome, an adrenal disorder. Weight loss attributed to dietary changes or ill-fitting dentures can actually point to a serious underlying disease. ...
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survive the journey: BackTrack: Dynamic MR Imaging of the ...
By (RobinS)
Yet, I ultimately did have a proven adenoma which caused my Cushing's disease. If the MRI had shown even an inkling of the tumor to the trained eye, perhaps a doctor would have taken my symptoms more seriously. ...
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