Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cushing's Blog Alerts, May 2, 2009

2 from Cushie Blogger - amazing!

Cushie Blogger: Pituitary Blog Alerts, May 1, 2009
By MaryO
Cushing's & Cancer: Cushing's disease has many signs. By MaryO. Surgical removal of the tumor — pituitary or adrenal — is the cure in most instances. Your daughter must undergo more tests to locate the source of the trouble: the ...
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Cushie Blogger: Follow-Up on Erin's Twittered Pituitary Surgery
By MaryO
The joint effort between Barnes-Jewish and local NBC-affiliate KSDK-TV was part of a series of stories Quinn is doing on Erin Kelley, a 27-year-old St. Louis woman who suffers from Cushing's disease caused by a pituitary tumor. ...
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Miss Diagnosis: A Surgery Date, Finally!
By Hi, I'm Rene
It seems that those who have had Cushing's the longest and are in the "worst" condition are the ones who take the longest to recover. That doesn't give me much hope for a speedy recovery. I think Alex has probably had it since birth and ...
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