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May 20, 2009 Cushing's Help and Support Newsletter

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Robin writes...

New and Updated Bios
New Bio May 16, 2009
Melanie (Melanie W)
is from Oklahoma. She has many Cushing's symptoms and has been diagnosed with PCOS and mild hypothyroidism so far.
New Bio May 15, 2009
Shirley (SBett)
is from Ronan, Montana. After 6 years her doctor finally found a pituitary tumor on an MRI. She is testing and has high cortisol and growth hormone.
New Bio May 13, 2009
Jodi (Jodi)
is from Rochester, Michigan. She had surgery to remove half her pituitary. She is now having issues with adrenal insufficiency.
New Bio May 12, 2009
angelp (angelp)
is from London, England. She had her first pituitary surgery in January 2009 and a second in March 2009. She will have an adrenalectomy and radiotherapy to remove the rest of her pituitary tumor.
New Bio May 11, 2009
Sue (Sue)
is from Lombard, Illinois. She has many Cushing's symptoms and her cortisol levels are very high but the source of her Cushing's hasn't been found yet.
New Bio May 10, 2009
Kate (kate22)
is from Richmond, Virginia. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but she is testing. She has many Cushing's symptoms.
New Bio May 10, 2009
Angie (dermpat)
is from Melbourne, Australia. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but is testing for cyclic Cushing's.
New Bio May 10, 2009
is from Phoenix, Arizona. She has recently been diagnosed with a pituitary tumor and is looking for an endo.
New Bio May 10, 2009
Rachael (RachaelB)
is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She was recently diagnosed with Cushing's and will be having her pituitary tumor removed in August.
New Bio May 4, 2009
Shiloh (Shiloh)
is from Fort Collins, Colorado. She is not formally diagnosed. She is trying to manage her symptoms with healthy eating, massage and acupuncture.
New Bio May 3, 2009
Luisa (Luisa)
is from Knoxville, Tennessee. She was originally misdiagnosed with PCOS and is testing for Cushing's currently.
New Bio May 1, 2009
is temporarily outside of U.S.A. She is not yet diagnosed. Someone at a party saw her buffalo hump and asked is she knew about Cushing's. Her own research says she might have this and testing shows elevated cortisol.
New Bio May 1, 2009
Alisha (gbsawyer)
is from Kirksville, Missouri. She is not yet diagnosed but has many symptoms and is seeing a new endo.
New Bio April 30, 2009
is from Corona, California. She had transnasal surgery 10/2007 and stereotactic surgery 8/2008. Both surgeries have failed. She tried Ketoconozole for a month and ended up in the hospital because the medication was affecting her liver. She is currently doing nothing for her Cushing's.
New Bio April 29, 2009
Melissa (meltizzle)
is from Santa Fe Springs, California. She was recently diagnosed with Cushing's and thinks she had it since 2007.
New Bio April 29, 2009
is from Arizona. She has had diabetes for 18 years and is a brand new mom. About two years ago she started getting Cushing's symptoms and is scheduling adrenal surgery.
New Bio April 27, 2009
Patty (pattycakes)
is from Cincinnati, Ohio. She has many Cushing's symptoms but doctors are calling her pituitary tumor a Rathke Cleft cyst so she is still trying to get answers.
New Bio April 24, 2009
McCall (McKenzie)
is from Fairfax, Virginia. She was diagnosed with central adrenal insufficiency after an ITT (Insulin Tolerance Test) and is taking 15mg of Hydrocortisone a day for the ACTH replacement therapy. She is wondering if it is possible to have both adrenal insufficiency AND Cushing's.
New Bio April 22, 2009
Kirsty (kirstymnz)
is from Hamilton, New Zealand. Her doctors couldn't find the source of her ectopic Cushing's. She had a lung nodule but removal didn't help so she had a BLA (bilateral adrenalectomy).
New Bio April 22, 2009
Jeff (akflier)
is from Palmer, Alaska. He was diagnosed with pituitary Cushing's in July 2008 and had surgery in August 2008.

New and Updated Bios

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