Monday, March 14, 2011

Can You Help Jen with Adrenal Cushing's?

Jen posted this on Facebook at

I was just diagnosed with Cushings and still confused and scared about a lot of it...I found out Friday they think it is coming from my Adrenal glands and they are going to do the supression test with the pill 11pm at night...That pill..Then they will have the final answer they need...I had an MRI and the pituitary came back normal and the CT of my kidneys and adrenal one Adrenal on the right side was larger than the other...

SO 90 percent sure the Adrenal glands will be removed. Can anyone who had their adrenals removed tell me what to expect, down time and how long were they in the hospital after surgery...I have 3 active boys and I need to mentally prepare myself for what is coming next...Scared that sort of thing...My BP has gone to malignant BP and they say that the BP will get back to normal or close to it in due time after the surgery...whatever that means...With the high BP I have been having neurological things go on like numbness and headaches and you name it...Sorry this is long but it has been an ordeal...You guys can calll me Jen BTW:)

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