Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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--October 16 going to Dr. F
During this last year have increased Cushings symptoms: gained weight mainly in stomach, losing hair, inability to sleep. Diagosed now with Steroid Induced Cushings and Debilitating Vertigo. At a major crossroads. ...
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Vote for ME for President
By MaryO(MaryO)
Who knew I'd run on the Cushie Ticket? Vote for me here.
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It’s not our fault , says Dr. Rob....
By Robin(Robin)
Look at one physician's experience as a patient: Dr. Wes: Part I, Metamorphosis Dr. Wes: Part II, Access Dr. Wes: Part III, The Opportunity. For more help with Cushing's, visit
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Do I Really Want to Find A New Endocrinologist?
By Kristin
Ok, so I recently moved up to Seattle from Portland. Well, more like three months ago. All the while, keeping the same endocrinologist I’ve been working with since I was diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome. I’m still on steroids and I’m ...
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Kalinda Mary9-9-08The newest member of our family! My niece Kimmy ...
By judycolby(judycolby)
Kalinda Mary9-9-08The newest member of our family! My niece Kimmy had her first child yesterday. My oldest sister, Myrna, now joins the ranks of grandma. Kimmy said she reminds her of a glow worm!! I think I hear the makings of a ...
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