Monday, December 27, 2010

Cushing’s Blog Posts, December 24, 2010


A gluten-free Cushie? « Living with Cushings Disease
By Rachel
My thought on that is to not exacerbate anything that Cushing's is already throwing me. So if going gluten free curbs my migraines and helps my tummy, then so be it. Other symptoms haven't been helped by avoiding gluten – fatigue, ...
Living with Cushings Disease -

UK guidelines for the management of pituitary apoplexy
By MaryO
... 9: Churchill Hospital, Oxford and Royal College of Physicians. From This blog post is posted from Cushing's & Cancer at
Cushing's & Cancer -

Another year over « An adventure in Cushing's and stroke
By jennnigan
In 2008, when I was being diagnosed with Cushing's, I was also researching and writing my Honours thesis. I also moved in with my then-boyfriend, Sam, and was working part-time. It was an insane and hectic year, and it was also ...
An adventure in Cushing's and stroke -

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!


No matter what your beliefs may be,
we wish the very best holiday season,
full of family, friends and better health.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cushing’s Blog Post

Life with Cushing's: Favorite Cushing's/Pituitary Videos
By Danielle
Danielle: I was officially diagnosed with Cushing's Disease on November 9, 2009, but have suffered with symptoms for almost 10 years. I have had two pituitary surgeries in December '09 and February '10, and recently had a bilateral ...
Life with Cushing's -

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Help Give Back to Cushing’s Help – At No Cost to You!


We're celebrating with a challenge for Cushings Help!

What are we celebrating?
    1) The end of a tough year;
    2) Our web search is new and improved (using Microsoft Bing) and;
    3) iGive members have helped donate over $5,000,000 to causes so far.

You are invited to participate in our celebration --  it's free and definitely easy.

Here's the challenge: is going to attempt to donate $5,000 in just 27 hours to Cushings Help and other causes.

For each person who joins iGive using the special link below and does just one qualified web search on our site between Thursday at 9.a.m. CST and 12:00 Noon CST Friday, we'll give Cushings Help a dollar. 5,000 new members, $5,000 donated.  No purchase necessary.


Of course, if they search more (or buy something) they'll earn even more money for Cushings Help.  Right now, we're donating $.02 per search and a bonus $5 for a new member's first purchase (plus the usual percentage).

Here's where you come in.  The only way Cushings Help will get new supporters and that free $1 (or more) is if they're invited.  Send your supporters, friends, family, and colleagues the following link in an e-mail, tweet it, chirp it, do a Facebook posting, put up posters, shout from mountain tops (you know the drill) and let the world know you think Cushings Help is pretty cool and deserves their support, especially since it's free!  You can even just forward this e-mail.

This is the link:

We're really proud of our improved search capability, powered by Bing.  We want lots of people to try it out and see if they like it as much as we do.  If they keep on searching or shopping after checking us out, so much the better for Cushings Help and

The details:

  • Offer active between 9 a.m. Thursday, December 9, 2010 and 11:59 a.m., Friday, December 10, 2010 (Chicago time).
  • New members only (never have been an iGive member previously).  All the normal rules of membership, searching, and  purchasing apply, our site has the details. 
  • Real people only, who sign themselves up. (It's not fair to hire a room full of elves who sign people up, the new member has to sign him or herself up.)
  • Once we've given away $5,000, the offer ends.  That's $5,000 to all causes, not just yours, so it's a bit of a race.
  • The special link is important.  No link, no $1.
  • A web search is a search from the WEB tab on our site.  Qualified searches are explained on our site, but basically means NOT a search for a store or a site name.

Thanks so much for reading and helping out!