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Cushing's Newsletter, April 23, 2009

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Endo News: Kanzius left hope

Endo News: MASEP gamma knife radiosurgery for secretory pituitary adenomas: experience in 347 consecutive cases

Endo News: Surgical Versus Conservative Management for Subclinical Cushing Syndrome in Adrenal Incidentalomas: A Prospective Randomized Study

Endo News: Merits and pitfalls of mifepristone in Cushing's syndrome


New and Updated Bios
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Latest Cushing's Help Newsletter: March 12, 2009

New Bio April 18, 2009
Anne (kittiefoster)
is from San Lorenzo, California. She is not yet been diagnosed but has had multiple symptoms of Cushing's for years. She will see an endocrinologist on May 15

New Bio April 10, 2009
Debi (debkelly)
is from Palmdale, California. She is not yet diagnosed but has a lot of symptoms.

New Bio April 6, 2009
Betty (bettyd)
is from Cedar Hill, Missouri. Her daughter has been in the diagnostic process of Cushings for several months. It was also suggested that she might have "cyclic" Cushings.

New Bio April 6, 2009
is from Toronto, Canada. Her 12 year old daughter is going through Cushing's testing.

Updated Bio April 5, 2009
Beth (EFM1062)
is from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but she has many symptoms and is testing. She has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's hypothyroid. Beth updated her bio April 5, 2009.

New Bio April 1, 2009
Sandra (sandra b.)
is from Hammond, Louisiana. She had Cushing's in 2002 and is still affected by high cortisol levels. She had surgery to remove an adreno cortical carcinoma..

New Bio March 30, 2009
Tami (TamiinGA)
is from Calhoun, Georgia. In May of 2008 she was diagnosed with 2 tumors on her left adrenal gland. She is on her 4th endo who just recently diganosed her with Cushing's.

New Bio March 26, 2009
Lisa Lee
is from Swansea, Wales, UK. She was brought up a boy because of a rare medical condition called ‘congenital adrenal hyperplasia’ (CAH).

New Bio March 26, 2009
Jada (Jada71)
is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has been diagnosed with pituitary Cushing's and has been to see Dr Ludlam. A local endo told her: "You don't have Cushing's Disease, you have psuedo- Cushing's caused by insulin resistance." Jada asked how he knew this and he replied, "Because it's too rare and too hard to diagnose."

New Bio March 25, 2009
is from Chislehurst, Kent, United Kingdom. She was diagnosed with an adrenal tumour 15 months ago, then eventually diagnosed with Cushings and the adrenal gland and tumour were removed in July 2008. The other adrenal gland was found to be not functioning and she now hydrocortisone dependant and classified with secondary addisons. She suffers from various Cushing's problems.

Updated Bio March 24
Elisabeth (eals)
is from Nanaimo, Canada. She updated her bio after pituitary surgery with Dr. Akagami at Vancouver Regional General Hospital on March 3, 2009

New Bio March 20, 2009
Jennifer (JWOLF74)
is from Connecticut. She was diagnosed with PCOS about 10 years ago and had gastric bypass surgery 7 years ago. She is currently testing high and has been referred to a new endo.

New Bio March 16, 2009
Christina (happygirl)
is from West Point, UT. She was diagnosed March 2009 with a pituitary source of her Cushing's Disease.

New Bio March 14, 2009
cris (cris)
is from Michigan. She has finally been diagnosed with pituitary Cushing's after more than 20 years of trying to find out what's wrong. She has also been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis; Unstable Hypothyroidism;Hyperparathyroidism; Hypocalcemia; Severe D (hormone) deficiency; Adult GH Deficiency and Pituitary Tumor in MRI 2009.

New Bio March 12, 2009
Xchicagoan (xchicagoan
) is from Huntersville, North Carolina. She is not yet diagnosed with Cushing's but has many symptoms including Adrenal Hyperplasia and thyroid issues.

New Bio March 11, 2009
is from Sidney, BC, Canada (Vancouver Island). She has tumors on each adrenal gland and an MRI showed a 2 mm pituitary tumor. She is taking Ketoconazole until surgery

New Bio March 9, 2009
Jen (AuntieNoWay
) is from Seattle, WA. All it took was one blood test and she was diagnosed. I had a tumor on her left adrenal gland that was causing her left adrenal gland to over produce the hormone cortisol. She was diagnosed but they waited 2 months to get her in for surgery and during that time her weight jumped dramatically from 180Lbs to 239Lbs and she was sicker than ever.


New and Updated Bios

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