Saturday, July 4, 2009

You know you're chronically ill when you...

...have a pajama collection. the pharmacist and she recognizes your voice before you tell her what it is.

...are psyched to get a computer table tray for sitting in bed as a gift.

...find out that you can order a three month supply of meds online and you think it's great.

...share and discuss journal articles with your doctor.

...have an inbox full of emails all from people with your disease or related to your disease.

...get updates from MedScape.

...set up your pills a month ahead of time in pill holders.

...have pill stashes in your car, purse, backpack, etc.


...have Dr F, Dr L and/or Dr IMMC on speed dial.

...bought a case of sharps containers on eBay.

...have a hospital bag always ready to go.

...have a "Got Hump" tattoo

...share pictures online of your stretch marks like they were badges of honor know why there's a zebra in my avatar




Added by Facebook friends:

...know approximately how much your urine output is in mL's before you go because you've measured it so often before.

...When a specialists at a leading university hospital tells you "you are too complicated".

...when multiple specialists at multiple leading hospitals tell you your case is complicated! (had to add to that!)

...when you only know the day of the week by your pill container!!

...when you get to park in the handicap spots and you're only 25 years old!! know to tell the person who's drawing your blood to ice and centrofuge your vile for the ACTH test!! can't make plans beyond the next hour because you don't know how sick you'll feel!!

...when the most excitement you've had in a month is your drs appt! And you're looking forward to your next appt so you can get out of the house!!

...When the people who work in the lab great you like Norm on Cheers when you arrive.

...When you know which vein is the "sweet vein."


Feel free to add your own! :)


This was from but has been edited to be meaningful to Cushies

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