Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cushing’s Blog Alerts ~ February 10, 2010

Cushing's & Cancer: If only it were this easy…
By MaryO
Cushing's & Cancer. The life and times of a pituitary Cushing's survivor (1987) AND a kidney cancer (Renal Cell Carcinoma) survivor (2006). I must be a Super-Woman...NOT! Hiya! About Me. Cushing's and kidney cancer (renal cell ...
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1974 to Today: Long time, no news
By Experience
At this point, I am fighting two battles: Cushing's and Cancer. With one medication, the steroid, I will conquer Cushing's syndrome. In a few weeks, I will begin the final chapter of my battle against cancer. ...
1974 to Today -

Childhood Obesity: A “Growing” Epidemic
By Dai
Heredity & Illness Related Obesity – Illnesses, such as hypothroidism (the under-activity of the thyroid gland), Cushing's syndrome, depression and other neurological problems all contribute to childhood obesity. ...
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