Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cushing’s Blog Alerts ~ March 3, 2010

Living the Dream: Lotti's Big Test
By Sarah G
The blood workup ruled out diabetes and also kidney disease but there were signs of a disease called Cushings, which in the simplest form means her body is producing too much adrenal hormone. There is additional blood work that goes ...
Living the Dream -


Health & Wellness: Discovering the 'secret' to losing weight ...
I would suggest anyone that is having a hard time losing weight after diet and exercise to do a little research on Cushing's Syndrome.It is supposedly rare but I just wonder if it is just undiagnosed as my sister's was for years… ... -


Somnambulist Zine: Victimhood
By martha grover
This last weekend I went to a conference for Cushing's patients at the Marriott in San Bruno. At one point, I asked a question of one of the doctors present. It had to do with how they gather their data on depression where Cushing's ...
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