Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can anyone help Kim with a diagnosis?

Can you help this person who is discouraged getting a diagnosis? http://www.empowher....e#comment-83435

My name is Kim an I am 32yrs. old, I am currently being tested for Cushings Syndrome. I am experiencing all symptoms from weight-gain, buffalo hump, thinning limbs,moon-face, you name it. I am very depressed an spend most of my time at home due to my physical features which kills my self-esteem. Reading similar story's of what I'm going through has help me to better understand what to expect with this syndrome. I many questions, if anyone could help me, I would appreciate the support.
Kim S.


Today I went to PCP and my results from urine was 17, she said it was too low. She doesn't feel like there is anything wrong with me. But, things seem to be getting worst swelling on my right side which really hurts. Headaches, limbs are thinning fast with ugly purple marks.What do I do now??Please help???

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