Saturday, April 21, 2012

TODAY is the LAST DAY...

...To support Cushing's patients by only clicking a link. Click here to make a difference!

Feel free to share the link around, click more than once, post to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  Every click is worth $5.00 to Cushing's organizations which support patients.

Thank you for your support!

Support Cushing's ...With A Click.
From Corcept, the makers of Korlym:
Corcept Therapeutics will donate $5 for every person who clicks to support people with Cushing's. Corcept has jump-started the effort to build awareness and support with a $15,000 contribution to provide support through the Cushing's Support and Research Foundation and Cushing's Help.
With your support, we can aim even higher!*
Take part...and spread the word.
*Donations up to $30,000. Program ends April 20, 2012
Click here to make a difference!

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