Monday, July 23, 2012

The Rest Of The Trip

MEETING NOTES : The Rest Of The Trip

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Turns out I didn't sleep at all at night.  For a while, Melissa and were trading comments online.  The restaurants weren't open so I couldn't go out for coffee.  Finally, I just made a pot in the hotel room?

I got dressed and found out that the sweater I'd bought at the mall the night before had short sleeves. Who'd have thought?

When I got to the conference room and lined up 3 coffees since the day before they'd taken the coffee away after the first meeting.  Terry lent me a sweater.

The first lecture was Dr. McCutcheon.  He was Phil's surgeon so he did the presentation of Phil's surprise gift.  See for one of the many pictures.

It took a while for the picture taking to end up so Dr. McCutcheon's lecture on surgery ran over by about 30 minutes and they had to cut him off with lots of slides unshown.

A short break, then Karen's first session.  I couldn't write much about those due to privacy issues but she gave great handouts with resources that I can share with everyone.

Kate, the Corcept nurse, had invited me to lunch but I couldn't find her anywhere so I went with the others to lunch. There was a really nice southwestish buffet.  More pictures.

Karen's second session started. At 2, the people going on the zoo trip had to leave.

We did the spoon theory exercise.  About 3, I had to go take a nap.  I was exhausted.  About 5:30 I went downstairs to see what was going on. Pizza had been ordered but hadn't arrived so we hung around the lobby until it got there.

Finally it got there and we all trooped into Magnolia Ballroom A. We did a lot of table moving so we could all sit together.  Lots of pizza, talking, pictures.

We got a heads up that the wedding across the hall would have fireworks about 9:30 so we planned to become wedding crashes.

I meant to take a video of the Cushings Help 12th Birthday Fireworks but I didn't push the on button so it didn't record.  I did get some stills though.

When we came in, four other Cushies had driven in from Ohio and the Midwest so more talk, more pictures...

I finally had to drag myself away since I was on the first shuttle.

Sunday morning, up early, was the first on the shuttle.  Got to O'Harein plenty of time.  The flights from there and New York were both on time, although the second leg had no TV.  We were reimbursed $15 for that.

We got back to Dulles on schedule. I promptly fell asleep.  DH work me at 9 to have half a sub then off to bed.

Monday, I woke up at 8, all sore and achy, cancelled my piano students for the day and slept off and on until about 5. I thin I'm going back to sleep now, as a matter of fact!

I did want to say that it was so wonderful meeting everyone and seeing long-time friends again.  Cushies are the best!



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