Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cushing’s Blog Alerts ~ April 27, 2010

Cushie Camp Day 5 - The Weary Zebra- Cushing's Patient w/o Insurance
By The Weary Zebra
I do have one more video from that week to post in relation to Cushing's, but I will have to do that tonight/tomorrow. For now, here is Day 5. Sorry the black at the end is so long. It is only about 5 min. Every video from this series ...
The Weary Zebra- Cushing's Patient... - http://wearyzebra.blogspot.com/

Living Life: My Cushing's Story: Surgery is tomorrow!
By Lisa
Living Life: My Cushing's Story. This is my story of my fight with Cushing's disease. Powered By Blogger. Monday, April 26, 2010. Surgery is tomorrow! I can hardly believe it. I am at peace and not nervous about the surgery. ...
Living Life: My Cushing's Story - http://lisaandcushings.blogspot.com/

EOS, our ENEMY: Pathophysiology of Adrenal Disorders – Cushing's ...
By Terri
Both normal: Cushing's unlikely; Discordant/equivocal results – repeat or confirm with 1mg overnight low-dose dexamethasone suppression test/ UFC; Both abnormal: Cushing's likely – confirm with 1mg overnight low-dose dexamethasone ...
EOS, our ENEMY - http://imueos.blogspot.com/

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