Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Just what is ACTH
Getting my first round of tests, one being the ACTH. What is it, and what are they looking for? and what are the levels? Thanks in advance!! Oh the other is creantinine.
From the Cushing's Help and Support... -

Matha’s Story
By Kristin
A dear woman by the name of Martha lost her battle with Cushing’s disease this past Sunday. She suffered unnecessarily for years, going from doctor to doctor, receiving one incorrect diagnosis after another. ...
My Battle With Cushing's Syndrome -

Hopefully by tomorrow or the next day we can get the results of ...
By judycolby(judycolby)
Hopefully by tomorrow or the next day we can get the results of Bill's test and then fax them to UCLA and Cedars. Praying that there is nothing to prevent him from having the IPSS and AVS. Of course now I'm hoping we can set the date ...
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More Alerts
By MaryO(MaryO)
Now I have seen little bits that floaters can be caused by cushings, because of the steroids. I have not seen much info though. Two weeks ago I have had a good bit of floaters show up in both eyes, suddenly, and they seem they are here ...
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Coffee News!
By G!(G!)
I still don't have my test results back on the Cushing's. 5. I ate 14 bazillion million quatrillion too many calories last week. And that is only a slight exaggeration. 6. I leave for a conference on Agile software development in two ...
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