Monday, January 19, 2009

Cushing's Alerts - 1/19/09

survive the journey: Healthcare: Is it really about me, the patient?
Mary O'Conner had Cushing's in the 80's with no support whatsoever; she had no help or information other than what she gleaned at her library. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, she founded the website and message ...
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Cecilia J. the Vet: Dogs
By Cecilia J.
Dogs lose hair because of a gland disease like Cushing's disease and pseudo Cushing's disease. The disease makes dogs have muscle wasting, weakness, and of coarse, hair loss. Test your dog for Cushing's, and have him treated immediately ...
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Bactrim suspect death lawsuit to proceed vs NBC: Ezeli bactrim ...
By Seachy
That can cause Cushing's syndrome, in which you can gain weight in your upper body and develop hypertension, bruising, weakness, depression, acne, and excess hair growth. For adults and adolescents infected with human Ear ringing toprol ...
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Herding Zebras: From My Email
By Robin
Cushing's can affect any family, any age, any race. If you don't have Cushing's OR cancer, consider yourself blessed. If you don't have Cushing's AND cancer - wow, you're lucky. If you have both - welcome to my life. ...
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