Thursday, January 8, 2009

Two People, Two Dogs

Where have I been...... - Low Carb Friends
I was diagnosed early last year with Cushing's Disease. I had a tumor removed in April. I honestly do not feel as if I am cured and will be looking into getting a new Endocrinologist very very soon. I've mentally started lowcarb over ...
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Rebound Hounds: Introducing Sophie & Raleigh
By ihearthounds
After Raleigh was surrendered to the shelter, he was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. The technical term for Cushing’s Disease is hyperadrencorticism (try saying that three times fast!) and it affects humans, dogs, horses, ...
Rebound Hounds -

The Awareness Warrior Blog: Update & Cushing's Syndrome
By Alexandra {{Awareness Warrior}}
About 2 years back I was un-officially diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome. My mom, being in the medical field already knew about it, but I just recently looked it up, hoping there was some way to get rid of it. The symptoms of Cushing's ...
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Parents, Kids & Schnoodles - oh my!: Mania Moments of the Week ...
By Parents, Kids & Schnoodles - oh my!
Bud had Cushing's disease and one night after slurping down some spaghetti - I had to try something, he hadn't eaten in two days - he had a hard time breathing and died in my arms. I cried hysterically for almost two hours before ...
Parents, Kids & Schnoodles - oh my! -

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