Monday, January 26, 2009

Pituitary Alerts

The 5: CAUTION: Not for the faint at heart...
By KCaldwellmom
Pituitary adenomas are tumors that occur in the pituitary gland, and account for about 10% of intracranial neoplasms. They often remain undiagnosed, and small pituitary tumors have an estimated prevalence of 16.7%. ...
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Life and Style | The Independent UK - Acromegaly: My DIY diagnosis
By Life and Style | The Independent UK
Acromegaly is caused by a non-cancerous tumour of the pituitary, causing excess growth hormone. If developed in teenage years, it's called gigantism. Acromegaly is the same condition but forming in adulthood, ...
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Beat The Cancer: Brain / CNS Tumors in Adults
By mydanose
The growth of tumors in or near the pituitary or hypothalamus, as well as surgery and/or radiation therapy in this area, can interfere with these functions. Consequently, a person may have low levels of one or more hormones and may need ...
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Cause of Hypothyroidism | Wish Everyone Good Health.
Hypothalamic-pituitary disorders can also instigate hypothyroidism. A person with a perfectly working thyroid gland but defective pituitary gland can suffer from hypothyroidism. When the pituitary gland of a person ...
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Cushing's Family
By judycolby
New York Times Article on Pituitary Tumors - at A pituitary tumor is an abnormal gro... 1 day ago. my not-so-fabulous life ...
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