Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cushing's Alerts, January 10, 2009

O'Connor O'Riginals: The New Year
By MaryO
I'm getting out of the house more, being with people, getting away from talking about Cushing's all the time and working on the computer with websites, news items, blogs and whatnot. So, I'm working more and napping less but I seem to ...
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Cushie Blogger
By MaryO
Baby Bump, Nursery, and 32-week Ultrasound visit - Ok. Finally. At the request of many friends, Cushing's allies, and far away family members, I'm posting some photos of me pregnant with my little peanut pu. ...
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Cushing's Family
By judycolby
I'm sure he has Cushing's and the AVS will show if he has aldosteronism. If he has both I'm not quite sure what the plan will be. I think about it a lot and try to figure out which the doctors think would be the best, ...
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Medical Blog » Blog Archive » Cushing Syndrome
Similarly, lack of cortisol leading to an adrenal crisis may occur in patients with endogenous Cushing syndrome who have undergone resection of an ACTH-producing or cortisol-producing tumor or who are taking adrenal steroid inhibitors. ...
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